Primary Services

ACES has an established track record of providing superior professional services to both public and private clients in Texas. Much of the success is attributed to the dedication of Mr. Sherrod and the team of engineering, environmental, CAD and office staff. The team's capabilities include site development, sanitary sewer system and lift station design and rehabilitation, water line and booster pump station design and rehabilitation, capacity analysis of existing systems, street design and rehabilitation, stormwater system design and rehabilitation, storage tank rehabilitation, retaining wall design, environmental assessments, project management, construction management and inspection. We serve all major infrastructure service markets including, but not limited to, water resources, land development, transportation, and facilities engineering.

ACES seeks management and design challenges with clients looking for exceptional results, and emphasizes client-centered processes where collaboration, diligence, and ingenuity are prioritized as core values. We believe the principal factor behind our success and growth is our dedication to long-term client satisfaction and the production of a high-quality and timely work product. ACES pledges to employ this same philosophy in the completion of any future projects.