Skytop Apartments

Development of the site for a new apartment complex located in North Conroe. The design included a submersible duplex lift station, 6 sanitary sewer force main, 8 sanitary sewer gravity line, on-site detention and wetlands mitigation. Approval from the Texas Department of Transportation was necessary for the construction of the access drive to the complex and the sanitary sewer force main in the right of way of N Frazier Street. 

Hawthorne Ridge Apartment Complex

Development of the site for a new apartment complex in the City of Conroe. The site is located in an area with large amounts of relief in the topography resulting in a split level design for the drainage and grading on site. Design also included a duplex sanitary sewer lift station and force main, a detention pond, and retaining walls for the complex.

Oakcreek Apartments

A 9.832 acre site plan with 176 apartment units. Oakcreek began with a feasibility study to determine the availability of water and sewer. ACES also performed a preliminary detention plan. After determining the site was feasible, ACES was released to design the site plan including consolidating drainage from three water sheds into one detention facility, maintaining pre-development storm water runoff rates in all three water sheds. The Site Plan was submitted to and approved by the City of Conroe and HUD.